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From the Junior School:
Discovery Learning In Action!
14 June 2017














From the School Wide Activities:
Amazing Art Work
13 June 2017


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From the Principal's Blog:
April 2017
12 April 2017

Kia ora te whanau! Kei te pehea koutou? Kei te matao me mākū ahau. Greetings Paparoa Street Family,

How are you doing today ? I am cold and wet … as I have been out on road patrol in this fabulous autumn weather we are having. It does look like we are in for a bit of a long haul with the wet weather for the rest of the term and of course this is quite frustrating for the children and a bit taxing for managing restless behaviour. We would love parents to ensure children have adequate wet weather gear for being out and about between classes at school and for travelling to and from school- that way if we need a brief puddle jumping break we have some children kitted out to do so! Cross country Obviously the weather has put paid to our cross country events this week, the good thing is we will now be able to have one full school event rather than a two day programme. Check the new dates in the newsletter and calendars and book some time off work to cheer your children on in their efforts! Scooter use We have had some concerns expressed by neighbours about the use of scooters on the public walkway section of the scooter highway especially during our lunch breaks. I love the fact we have so many children scooting to school and don’t want to curtail any of this action at all however we have some responsibilities around public safety on the walkway as it is a shared pathway. Could we ask for your support in helping your children understand the right etiquette for scooter use in a public place. This includes : Keeping to the left of the pathway at all times.  Stopping when a pedestrian is approaching and only proceeding once the pedestrian has passed.  Ensuring the pathway is clear for pedestrians and cyclists Keeping themselves safe by keeping a distance between scooters and most importantly avoiding the tricks that involve swinging scooters above shoulder height. We are particularly concerned about the possibility of head or facial injuries from scooter swinging. There is a whole set of guidelines for scooter use on the NZTA website which might be useful for you to check out.

From the Principal's Blog:
March 2017
12 April 2017

Kia ora Whanau, 

Congratulations to those of you who made it to the Nathan Wallis seminar on Monday evening. We had a very full hall and it was great to have parents from across our wider community including parents from Elmwood, St Albans and Heaton. The biggest numbers were our own - not that it’s a competition. Nathan was, as always, very informative and provided some good provocations for thinking about brain development, gender difference, birth order, the importance of relationship building and when children are ready for formal learning. Some key points raised included: The importance of the first 1000 days in the cognitive development of the brain . Early years are all about social and emotional skills and brain development.  Moving is part of learning. The brain develops through deep relationships and responses from a significant other.  Every child is different in terms of stages of development.  If your child is a black and white thinker (often a trait of eldest in the family) help them to develop their grey thinking by asking questions that don’t have definite answers

From the Middle School:
Ako Tahi Blog 2017
01 March 2017