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From the ESOL:
ESOL - The Gondola Trip
02 September 2014

We had a great trip to the Gondola but unfortunately it was foggy at the top and we had a limited view of the city and Lyttelton Harbour. We ate our lunch at the park and then had a lovely time playing on the different playground equipment.


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From the Sports Blog:
Netball Reports Winter 2014
25 August 2014

 Paparoa A - Our season did not get off to a good start. The first seven weeks were rained off!! But in this time we had the opportunity for a couple of practice games against Elmwood, which was great. When we finally got to play on Fridays we had a great first game with a good win but struggled for the next few weeks to gel as a team. After a team talk we pulled it together and have been playing really well. We played in zones and are off to centrals to compete in the B division. A big thank you to Carrie George, Anna Galvan and Miss Laird for coaching us. Isabella Galvan




 Paparoa B - The season of the B netball has been great. Even though we haven’t had many games because of the weather we are still very thankful for the games we have played. We have won every game and are hoping we can carry it on for the rest of the session. At zones we had an amazing time and didn’t lose a game in our division. Our team is so happy to have a great coach like Carrie George and our lovely co coach Carolyne Grant. So far our season has been amazing and GO B NETBALL!!


B Team


 Paparoa C - After the poor start to the season with the weather, we are in the groove and are having a great time! We went to zones last week and had some wins and some losses but had a fun time. We would like to say thanks to our coaches Mrs Hodder and Miss Andrews on a Monday morning along with the D team and Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Rance on Fridays. Abby Drayton




 Paparoa D - has been a great success, even though we had a quite a rough start. Our team has very good sportsmanship and we congratulate the opposition kindly even when we lose. We have been getting better and better and now we are on a winning streak with our last game 12:9 to us! Some of us were even chosen to go to the zone tournament with the C team. We train at 8.00am Monday mornings and our coaches are Mrs Hodder and Miss Andrews, then on a Friday Mrs Barraclough. They have been amazing. I think our team has done really well and we look forward to the rest of the season! Eva Hitchon.


D Netball









Tigers - We are a team that has mostly never played netball before so it was really cool to have this opportunity. At first we didn’t have a coach but Miss Sullivan, who was a student teacher here in term 2, took us for practice for the first 5 weeks of term 2, then Mrs Cargin took over and became our coach. We have had a lot of fun and really enjoyed learning about how to play netball. We have had a couple of wins and a few losses. We try to show good sportmanship win or lose and we always try to work as a team.  Charley, Tanisha, Mishael, Abbey. 



Tigers Netball







From the Principal's Blog:
Sir Ken Robinson's - 'Changing Education Paradigms'
25 August 2014

This youtube is worth viewing.

Sir Ken Robinson shares on an animated youtube “Changing Education Paradigms” where he discusses the issues every country is facing with education. 

There are some aspects that you may debate, but it does help with the understanding of why change in education needs deep consideration.


Some background on Sir Kenneth Robinson.  He is an English author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education and arts bodies. He is highly regarded around the world. His book 'Finding Your Element' is an  interesting read as he talks about how your interests, talents and passions can influence your life.

Enjoy exploring, Raewyn



From the Middle School:
Book Week 2014
24 August 2014

Middle School celebrated Book Week recently.  We held a character dress up day, shared our favourite books, enjoyed  stories from the staff in the Middle School and had a treasure book hunt.  The highlight for many during the week was the Boys Books Breakfast arranged by Mr Eames.

Lots of readers brought along their family to eat breakfast and share their journey with books.  The week culminated with a Whole School Assembly which had a Roald Dahl theme!



From the ESOL:
31 July 2014

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