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From the Middle School:
Welcome to the Middle School
23 April 2015


The Middle School is made up of 8 Year 3 and 4 composite classes.  We work in a mixture of single cell and modern learning environments.

The Middle School has had an excellent start to 2016. All teachers report their classes to be happy and settled. There are lots of exciting learning opportunities happening this year and we look forward to sharing those with you as the year goes on.

Please view our learning via our class blogs: 

Room 20/21  Tima Tuhura

Room 22/23 Timo Paheko

Room 24

Room 25/26 Tima Tira



From the Sports Blog:
ICC World Cup Cricket 2015
24 February 2015

England V Scotland  - Hagley Oval 23 February 2015

Thank you very much Mr Eames who applied for, and was awarded tickets for our school cricket players to attend a World Cup cricket match in Christchurch.

What a spectacular venue!



IMG 8642



IMG 8561



IMG 8645




From the Senior School:
Seniors' Barn Dance 2014
12 December 2014

The annual Barn Dance for the senior school has  become a bit of a tradition at Paparoa Street School with everyone embracing the theme and having alot of fun while learning some new skills! 


1DSC 0505

1DSC 0522


















From the ESOL:
Our Trip to Willowbank
05 November 2014

We had a wonderful visit to Willowbank Wildlife Park.  We fed the eels who were very slippery and slimy.  We looked at the monkeys who were enjoying the sunshine and we loved feeding and patting the baby animals.  We looked at the Maori Village too.


IMG 0888





From the School Wide Activities:
Christchurch Stands Tall Project
17 September 2014


Paparoa Street School is taking part in the Christchurch Stands Tall Schools Programme.
Christchurch Stand Tall is a mass appeal public art project organized by the United Kingdom organization, Wild in Art.  More than 50 giraffes standing at 2.5 metres tall will be painted by local artists and planted in parks, streets and open spaces.  Christchurch schools will decorate another 50 baby giraffes.  During November through to the end of January giraffes will be out on a trail and in shops in town.Our giraffe arrived and we had to carefully unwrap it.  Each class from Year 2 through to Year 6 had one person represent their class and help with the unwrapping.  We've never seen zoo much bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard.