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From the Junior School:
Gym with Puna Awaiti
25 August 2015

Rooms 4/5 (Puna Awaiti) enjoying their second to  last session at the Christchurch School of Gymnastics.








From the Junior School:
Literacy Buddies
25 August 2015




Rooms 4/5 and Rooms 22/23 enjoying their Literacy Buddies session on Friday. 



From the Junior School:
Junior Athletics 2015
29 April 2015




From the School Wide Activities:
ANZAC 2015
28 April 2015

To  commemorate the centenary of the ANZAC landings on the Gallipoli we held a very special ANZAC service  at school organized by Mrs A and the students of  room 20. Our service included a guest trumpeter playing the Last Post and Reveille, and crosses bearing the names of 31 Soldiers being laid on the field.

Poppies were sold this morning and money collected was used to make a coin trail, and then delivered to the RSA by the School Council.




From the Principal's Blog:
Week 1 Term 2 2015
23 April 2015

The Easter holiday at last brought an end to the golden weather of the 2015 summer. The children have all returned to school, and we are back into our work.

In the senior school we have welcomed the return of Jen Laird from a stint teaching in London. Jen seems very pleased to be back – maybe that is testament to the great children who come to this school. Relief teaching (or Supply as it’s called in the UK) has its own special challenges, and nowhere greater than in schools in the melting pot which is the City of London. We have also welcomed Paula Kirkpatrick onto the staff in the Junior School. Paula is a parent as well as a teacher, and we were thrilled to find someone with her breadth of experience through our appointment process.

We have also welcomed back the newly married Roger Fenemor after his marriage during the holidays to Deima, and it appears that they squeezed their celebration in before the weather failed, and had a glorious day and a lovely honeymoon. Roger has the hat to prove it.

With camps and three way conferences behind us, the term is set to be busy. It’s ANZAC Day on Saturday, and children are invited to bring a gold coin to buy a poppy tomorrow, keeping them fresh for any children who will wear them to a Dawn Service over the weekend. There has been a huge amount of publicity around the Gallipoli Centennial, and it is heart -warming to see the interest that the history stories generate from this new generation.

I was going to launch into a diatribe about the writings and advice of an international educator called Carol Dweck today, but might save it for the future, and direct parents instead to an interview posted this morning on RNZ’s Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan. Joseph Driessen is also a renown educationalist, and this interview offers some important advice that every parent should hear on assisting children to cope with challenge and disappointment. You can hear the full conversation here: Driessen Interview

Enjoy the long weekend. Philip Harding – Principal