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From the Principal's Blog:
Newsletter 20 Oct 2016
20 October 2016

The warm weather of the last few days has brought with it a real sense of positivity around the school and it has been wonderful to watch our classes make use of our extensive grounds to prepare for athletics and summer sports. As a management team we have begun preparing for our 2017 staffing and with a few staff leaving next year we have been busy interviewing teachers.

A number of our current staff do not have permanent positions here and alongside external applicants we were able to interview and appoint for next year. What came through strongly in this process was what outstanding teachers we do have in our school, and even those that have been with us for only a year or less were able to articulate their love of our learners and teaching and why they want to be part of Paparoa Street School. We are thrilled to be able to announce that all those that applied internally have accepted a place on staff for 2017 and we would like to congratulate Dahl Robertson, Nikki Western, Eleanor Smith, Lynn Fletcher, Grace Hopcroft and Paula Kirkpatrick for winning positions.

We are also excited to be able to introduce Ella Sidey, a young teacher who comes to us from Dunedin. Ella impressed with her bubbly enthusiasm and undoubted passion for children and their learning. We are also thrilled to welcome Dean Isherwood onto the Senior Management Team as a Team Leader, his experience, enthusiasm and personality will complement our team of leaders and again we are excited that he has accepted this important role in our school.

The announcement of our new Principal for next year draws closer. It has been an incredibly rigorous process and we are both very excited by the upcoming news. What we would like to share is throughout this lengthy process how impressed we were by our recently appointed Board of Trustees. Time with the Board allowed us to see what a professional, insightful and noble group of people we have governing our school and again at the heart of why they give up their time is the best interests of your children.

Changes are inevitable in all schools, particularly those the size of ours. It has been sad to have to farewell some stunning teachers and leaders for 2017, but as they say “one door closes and another one opens up”.

Nathan Burford and Dy Stokes

Acting Principals 

From the Kapa Haka:
Cultural Festival 2016
04 September 2016

Our kapa haka group performed at the Cultural Festival recently.

They looked and sounded fantastic!

You can see a short clip here


From the ESOL:
ESOL Students Visit to the SPCA
24 August 2016










From the School Wide Activities:
The Arts
11 May 2016

Heart for Art

The Arts has been at the heart of the Paparoa Street School whanau, with a variety of different activities occurring throughout our school week.


The week started with a supersized heart drawn with chalk on the concrete. Children spent the next two days finding a spot to colour-in. Three artists spent time during the day showcasing their talents to our children. Sarah Cummins used chalk pastels to create eucalyptus bark outside the library, Michelle Manchester started her art work showcasing dolphins while Rachel Cooper spent time painting part of our school playground.


Erin Hitchens entertained and encouraged many of our children to join her in dance routines by the hall during two of our morning teas.


Santiago Samonta, an itinerant teacher, was a popular entertainer with his guitar on Tuesday with many of the staff deciding they could listen to him every day. Two pianists, Emmajane, and Genevieve Radley, another itinerant teacher, had quite a crowd of children mesmorised by the fingers flying over the keys. Al played his drums with many willing helpers showing how it should be done! Sean Whitaker strummed his banjo allowing children to have a go too. Laura Auld’s flute music floated around parts of the senior and junior school, as once again children were enraptured.


Emily Douglas calmly walked amongst the playground hustle and bustle, taking photos of the children at play.

This has been a week of little surprises for the children as they have walked around, seeking out the musicians, dancers, and artists.
Now it is their turn to put their heart into the arts as we continue our Term Two focus on The Arts. 

























From the Principal's Blog:
Term 2 2016
05 May 2016

How long will this Indian Summer continue? I must say it is a glorious way to start the second term, but one could be forgiven for thinking that there will be a sting in the tail coming our way in due course. In the meantime, it’s bliss for everyone, as the children have arrived back very smoothly and well.

This week we welcome Nathan Burford onto the team as our new DP in charge of the senior school. Nathan is slowly making sense of who everyone is, and is looking less bewildered every day. He has made himself comfortable with a huge armchair and a coffee machine, so swing past and introduce yourself – you may get a free coffee. I don’t really know what it is with DPs and furniture. Dy Stokes has a whole red sofa, but she stole that from the Junior Foyer. Just saying... I’m not really bothered.

We’re delighted to have Chris Pease back on two legs, mostly, after being away for all of term 1 due to injury.

I met today with the principals of seven neighbouring schools, including Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools. These schools and their boards are in the early stages of considering forming a community of learning – where schools work collaboratively and more closely than in the past. The intent is to further demystify and share teacher practice, to consider common goals and purposes, and develop efficiencies and sharing of resources. Any Community (CoL) must be approved by the relevant Boards of Trustees, and finally by the Minister herself.

We are in the very early stages, but if you have any thoughts or ideas you believe would help our thinking, please feel free to send me an email.

With an apology to any farmers in the community, I hope that the endless summer continues, and that your weekend is a chance to enjoy the wonderful autumn colours.