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'C' Netball Report
23 September 2013



A very special thanks to Mrs Hodder for coaching us and organizing the practices at 8.00am on a Monday morning. At the start of the year you could see a big difference in the teams, but we have grown bigger in our skills and ability. On Fridays we had Mr Ray come along and umpire the games. Mr Ray has always had a passion for netball and used to umpire games at tournaments. I think that all of us in the team have learnt so many rules that are being introduced to our grade since the beginning of the season. Also a massive thanks to Mrs Field who organises us all.

Caroline Ray



'B' Netball Report
23 September 2013


A very special thank you to our coaches Mrs Laird and Mrs Galvan who have taken time out of their busy schedule to come to our trainings in the hall at 8.00am on a Wednesday. They also came to our netball games on Fridays at Hagley Park. If you saw us at the beginning of the year you would be able to see the big difference in both our skill level and confidence.Thanks to netball I have not only grown in confidence but have learnt to work in a team well. If you are in a sports team remember to thank your coaches as well as Mrs Field for organizing all the sports at school.

Sophie Radcliffe

Soccer 'A'
10 September 2013

This soccer season has been very eventful, challenging and fun.

Although we have only won 1 game we had a great season and wonderful coaches in Mr Wallace and Mrs Pease.

We played pretty consistently throughout the season, always seeming to go down in the second half. That didn’t put us off though and we were always ready for our next game.

We improved a lot through the season and our sportsmanship was excellent. I loved playing in the team and I’m sure everyone else did too.


Angus Wallace

Red And Black Day
19 September 2013



Last week we had our Red and Black day combined with the Halberg Disability 50th anniversary. All the classes made an amazing effort with dressing up and our ITM rugby player Luke Whitelock was overwhelmed with the response of the children. He couldn't decide between 6 classes so we put their numbers in the hat and room 2 was pulled out. They will be going to the Captains run next Tuesday at AMI Stadium. We were also able to give a cheque for $500 a representative of the Halberg Trust. We would like to thank Luke Whitelock and also Richie Mo'unga. Their interaction with the children was fabulous and nothing was a problem for them over the three times they visited our school.



Netball 'A'
10 September 2013


netball A



The Netball A team has had a successful season winning zones and advancing to centrals. At the zones we had a tough final against Waimairi but came out on top. Then it was centrals. We fought through all the games and made it into the finals. Roydvale was our opponent. This was our hardest game all season, but we flicked through and won by a tiny two points. The score was 5-7.

But with all great wins comes some disappointing losses. Waimairi bet us in the Friday games final, by only two points but we still stuck to our team goals.

Have fun ,

Play to the best of our ability,

Representing Paparoa with pride.


Special thanks to Anna Galvan, Leigh Allan and Miss Laird for coaching us and organizing the practices and fun activities such as the teacher vs student game.

A thank you to our special Mrs. Field for keeping us organized, supplying our gear and being good helpful friend to our team. An also big thank to our team for sticking with our goals and winning the A netball centrals cup. It has been a really great season for us.


Emily Allan