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‘Moments in Time’
07 April 2014

Below are some descriptive ‘Moments in Time’ from camp.



In The Forest

I had butterflies in my stomach and I was in the middle of

The forest with nobody but my group and we were searching and searching for one more before time was up. The trees were rocking in the wind and the birds were chirping loudly . So far we had a really good score and we were getting closer and closer to the end. Suddenly we came to a clearing and we could see our mark and the end! I looked at my watch we only have one minute until time was up. We started sprinting as fast as we could all the way down Phillips Lane, there was sweat trickling down my forehead and I felt like I was about to collapse.

-Finn Bradshaw –Waugh




SPLASH! I hit Rosie. Ow! She cried out in pain. It all happened so fast. I swam blindly to the edge of the pool. Right now I could blow my socks off. But I kept calm. I heard a sniffle. Grace was crying! I couldn’t believe it, she was the one who caused all this. Rosie said her hip was hurting and it was red. We went to the hot pool to relax. I was still fuming. The smell and taste of chlorine remained with me. I wonder if Grace and I will ever be friends again?

Holly Whitaker


The Marker

Adrenaline coursed through me, I paused, waited then GO!, Ben, Kai and I took off sprinting. We ran North, our hearts racing. I leapt over a log, stumbled on a rock and grabbed a tree for support. Ben grabbed the map and pointed straight ahead. “that’s where the marker should be!” he exclaimed. ”YES’ I thought. Go Orienteering! We ran for what seemed like ages and our legs felt like blocks of wood, stiff, sore and heavy. Then finally Ben said the marker should be right here...

-       Henry King

A Moment In time

We just found a high point marker. There was a monstrous mud puddle in front. We were all excited. Then Janine, the dog we found, hit the mud like a tonne of bricks. All you could hear was us laughing. She came out and jumped on my leg. The smell of mud shot up my nose like a rocket. But before you knew it she was straight back in there like a pig. When she came out for good I felt her little body. You could feel her small heart going into overload. Her tiny white body had turned brown like mud. That put a smile on my face.

by George

Final Sprint

I was breathing in and out rapidly as we ran down the track. We were making good progress and we were almost there. We could see them now and we were almost sprinting. We caught up with the other team and soon left them behind us and kept running. We had developed 240 points in the set time, the joy built up inside of me for the final sprint. My legs were going so fast I couldn’t help it. “Keep going guys,” I puffed out. Snap, snap went the twigs from another tribe who were doing the bivouacs nearby.



As i grasped the last hold i flung myself up. A sudden relief rushed down my spine. i rang the bell and yelled out ‘Chocolate Champ!’ I heard the voices from the rest of my team ‘well done’ ‘congrats’. i felt a smile spread across my face. as i sat wondering what would happen if i fell? i was slowly lowered to the ground. when i looked up i couldn’t believe that a minute ago i had been all the way at the top!


-Sophie Williamson


Adrenaline rushed down my spine. My hands quivered as I heard footsteps in the bush. I gazed at my surroundings as we trudged through the leaves on the forest floor. My butterflies fluttered away into the breeze as the trail became visible. A marker was in sight as the trail dragged on. A wave of silence hovers above in the canopy, in the forest of orienteering.

- Lucy Murray

News from Room 6
17 September 2013

Our science this term has been a bubble blast! We were faced with different tasks that included how to make sharp objects possibly enter the bubbles atmosphere! We started off with an easy and fun tasks; blowing bubbles and  catching them on straws and timing how long they could stay there without popping.  Miss Yap taught us that soap has two different ends; hydrophilic and hydrophobic. One of which loves water, the other loves  dirt and oil . We are looking forward to being able to share our new knowledge with the world and making a difference.         By Jazmine and Abbey Room 6


rm 61








Room 2 Report Wrting
22 August 2013

Report Writing

In Room 2 we have been researching topics we find interesting to help us write information reports. Here is an example of some of the work we have been doing!


The Solar System

By Eva

Our Solar System started when our Sun was born in a vast cloud of gas and dust around 5 billion years ago. While our Sun was forming the left over dust and gas made nine main planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and last of all Pluto.

As well as our nine planets nearly every one of them has some moons. The planet that hosts the biggest number of moons is Jupiter with at least 62! The closest planet to the Sun is a massive 57 million km away from the Sun, but when you think about the Universe that distance is tiny. Even little Pluto is 5.869 billion km away, but that distance is mini too.

Our Solar System is located near the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, which is one in 100 billion galaxies in the Universe! And you never know out in space there may be hundreds of Universes. The Universe began with a Big Bang over 13 billion years ago and over those years many solar systems have been made.

Our Sun provides light and heat for our planet. The surface temperature on Pluto is around -200 degrees celsius because it is very far away from the Sun’s heat. When Venus, the hottest planet in our Solar System has the surface temperature which is hotter than a furnace!

Maybe one day you could be able to travel to a few of these amazing planets and their moons.



The senior school have been learning dances in their classes with our dance teacher Mandy to present at the end of this term! We have some pretty smooth moves in the senior school! Watch this space!






Room 2 made their classroom into a real life refugee camp to finish of our topic on refugees. Students were given minimal materials to build a shelter for their cooperative learning group of 5 people that would be able to house them all and their belongings!








The Live Storm
12 September 2013

I’m awake,my eyes are open. Tilting my head I let out a mighty roar. The sky rumbles , it is my time now. Lighting cracks through my wings as I dive down and race through the trees.   They crash at the sight of my red eyes and spiked wings . Once I’ve streamed  past them, they’re set on fire and the flames lick the sky and leave a slick and fast trail behind me. Disaster throughout the land. Smashing through a window, I make the nightmares begin throughout the house. Flicking  up and through the ceiling and roof, I’m free.  Sucking in, I stretch out my wings and then... I let go. Flames, lighting, thunder caps and rain came out. Finally I stop. Opening my eyes, I look below. Wood, bricks, beds, books and metal all down there. Everything you would have in a house,  was down there, aflame. I looked around, satisfied.  I’d burnt everything in my path.  But then, I saw it. The sun was coming  up. I’d have to run, but I knew, I would be back.
Room 8

'And The Winner Is...'
14 August 2013

Today we had the opportunity to watch a musical production called, ‘And The Winner Is…’ It has been created to celebrate the 2013 NZ Post Book Awards. The musical is about a selection of books from the Book Awards that come to life, encouraging students to engage with reading.


musical3  musical1  musical2