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Senior Production
09 December 2012

And The Grammy Goes To

The Senior School production was a great success.  Each class chose a musical and we then built the show around those musicals. The musicals included; Grease, Mamma Mia, High School Musical, Oliver and Beauty and the Beast. At the end of Term 3 we also brought in a professional dance tutor to work with the classes to choreograph class dances. This really worked, as the dances were fantastic.  We will definitely do this again in the future.

The production gave a chance for children to shine and show the school their talents.  It also gave the children the opportunity to develop their Life Long Learning qualities by persevering, working as a team, taking risks, showing resilience, empathy and understanding.  The children were fantastic and really pulled together to create a magnificent show.  We would like to thank all the staff and parents for helping the children to create the production and for leaving us with many happy memories.


Cycle Safety
09 December 2012

 Each year Paparoa Street School is fortunate enough to have a team of trained cycle instructors from the Christchurch City Council come and teach our Year 6 students how to be safe on the roads.

This course ran over a couple of weeks at the beginning of term four and during that time our students have been through a range of checks and activities supervised by the Cycle Safe instructors.

 Students completed a cycle and helmet check, learnt road rules and skills that were practiced on the school grounds and then took those skills to the roads in our community. You may have witnessed our safe cyclers in their fluorescent vests demonstrating the skills they had learnt.

 The purpose of this training is to ensure students have confidence to safely undertake basic manoeuvres and turns in simple traffic conditions. We want our students to be able to choose simple options to deal with minor hazards and demonstrate this in practice. Our students have come out with a good understanding of traffic awareness and road positioning in simple traffic conditions.

 Not only did they learn a lot about cycle safety but they also had a great time on the roads with their instructors.

Calendar Art
27 August 2012

Throughout Paparoa Street School the teachers and students have been busy during term 3 creating their own masterpieces for calendar art.  There has been printmaking, drawing, collage, watercolour painting and more happening throughout the senior syndicate to create some fabulous pieces of artwork.  The students have needed to demonstrate perseverance and patience in the process of completing their artworks.  They can’t wait for their art to be turned into calendars, cards and diaries.  What spectacular presents they will make.

Electrical Appointment
17 September 2012


On Wednesday the 12th of September, Damon Stewart from South Island Electrical came to talk to Rooms 7 and 8 about his job as an electrician since we’ve been studying electricity.  


Firstly he introduced us to an electrical device. When he said it was called the Night Watcher, puzzled expressions spread over our faces.  When he said there was a competition between the two classes, we all looked intrigued.  Damon knew how to install it but had no understanding of how it worked.  Our two classes have to figure out how to program it and the best class will get morning tea.  Furthermore, it would be auctioned off to the staff with a free installation up for grabs as well.   We are rearing to go and get started.


He also brought a bag that contained his electrical equipment.  He passed around the equipment for us to have a good look and try to figure out what it was for.  Some of the items were a safety helmet and visor, smoke alarm, lightbulbs etc.  Once they were passed to the front, Damon asked us what the items were.  If we got it right or if we were on the right track, we got a lolly.

Finally Room 8 asked a few questions about him and his job.  


We really enjoyed listen to Damon and are looking forward to him coming back so that we can show how much we have learnt about the Night Watcher.


By Calais



Writing Competition
27 August 2012

This writing entry was one of the 16 selected winners in our recent writing competition.  All the winners have been printed onto signs and will be up around the school soon.

Part of a family
On my first day I was nervous. The red and blue classrooms seemed like sky skyscrapers. All I wanted to do was shrink into my dark blue sweatshirt.
I never get that feeling any more. When I see the classrooms, I think of the memories.
I remember friends I made
 and play with still.
But most of all, I remember that I am part of the Paparoa Street School family and always will be.

By Tegan P. | Room 1 | Year 6