Senior School Blog

Low Ropes
01 April 2013


As I jump to grab the rough rope, my nerves jolt through my body. I grabbed the rope. Now I was slicing through the wind ready to jump into the tyre. As I slowly let go of the rope my nerves increase. Then there was a huge thump like a dinosaur stomping its feet.


By Harry





I’ve seen people do this before but can I do it? Bravely I clenched the rough rope holding on for dare life. I was wobbling like jelly as I approached the next couple of hanging wires. At last I was at the tree. I worked my self around the monster tree. 




My team mates were frantically spotting me, so I did not fall off. The wind pressed against my face as the trees were swaying side to side slowly. Wow... Low Ropes was the best thing on camp.


By Katie




01 April 2013


Dark murky water surrounds me. I’m trembling from head to toe and my heart feels like it’s going to pop out of my chest. I’m scared, I whisper to myself. You can do it Emily. A cloud of bubbles wrap around me like a cold blanket. I can see the sun shining through the ripples SPLASH! My head pops out of the water. I’m getting dragged from side to side by the swell. I feel like a rag doll. A hand reaches out in front of me. I take a desperate swipe and cling onto the hand. It pulls me to safety. Jumping off the rock in coasteering was the most blood pumping camp activity.



By Emily




I am going to do this, I thought. I’d seen the other groups do it so I said to myself, if they can do it so can you. So I decided to do it... jump off a rock. A wet, slippery rock. I pushed to the front of the line, ready to jump off into the endless depths of the green ocean. The water was bulky and swirling and all I could hear was the bang and smash of the water hitting those massive, black, sharp rocks.

“When you jump, say your favourite thing in the world,” I vaguely heard the instructor say. I was really agitated. Then I leapt...


“Rugby!” I yelled. Before I could think, SPLASH! I was in the ocean as quick as lightning. The water swallowed me whole and all I could see was green. Then as quick as I went under I came back up and swam back to the warm rocks.

Coasteering was by far my favourite activity at Wainui Camp!!


By Jamie C




“Splash” as I sprung off the rock and into the water. Water flew up everywhere around me. I rose from the surface and began to doggy paddle to the other side. I got taken by surprise in the current. I had to work hard to get out of it. Salty water sloshed everywhere. I had big mouthfuls weeping in through my mouth “Yuck yuck yuck.” I said to myself. I finally got to the other side and clambered out of the water like a dripping dog. I scurried across the little rock-pool and sat on top of the rocks, as I waited for the others to swim across. Coasteering was my favourite activity on camp.


By Sophie


Chess Club
09 December 2012

Our Chess Club is open to students from years 4 – 6 and meets on Wednesday mornings. Mr Dobson and Mr Garrett work with the students, teaching moves, and strategies. The students challenge each other for their spot on the chess ladder.

A team of six players played against teams from Yaldhurst School. Our team played very strategically and won all their games. Well done.

Thank you to Mr Garrett and Mr Dobson for working with the chess club this year.




Our winning chess team of Oliver Garrett, Tom Dobson, Cameron Hudson, Matthew Garrett, Ken Kumagai and Jamie Carr.

Kelp Surfing
01 April 2013


I clutched Niamh’s hand tightly. It was our turn. My adrenalin rush trickled through my body. We stepped forward. “Nothing but a jump,” I kept repeating in my head. “Nothing but a jump.” I left the rock with a teeny, wee push. I screamed as I hit the water. It was a shock.The waves came suddenly, as they were being pushed by the wind. They smashed us up against rocks, and pulled us out towards the deeper water as if we were rag dolls. Desperately I lunged for a peace of kelp. The kelp was slippery, and felt like the rubbery skin of a seal’s body. Unfortunately, we only had five minutes in the water, and annoyed I let myself get pulled out of the water. Kelp Surfing was definitely hard to beat!!!  


By Claudia





Splish! Splosh! Splash! The rest of my group were springing around in the clear blue water. I thought “This just looks weird, but would it be fun?”


After a while of debating with myself, I finally slithered into the kelp infested water, grazing my bum! I moved through the pool of snakes not sighting the swell galloping towards me. Hitting with a shock, the swell arrived. I embarked the kelp, laughing and smiling. Nothing could have made kelp surfing better.




By Cameron


09 December 2012

  Over the last two weeks, we have been involved in swimming lessons at Aquagym.   The instructors assess and group the children according to the skills that they have and what their next learning step will be. This is a time for the children to build on their water safety skills as well as their swimming technique, in a learning and fun-filled environment.