Senior School Blog

Room 1
13 August 2013

Three Word Writing


Every week Room 1 complete a piece of ‘3 Word Writing’. They are given 3 random words and write a short paragraph containing all 3 words. They ensure sentence starters are interesting and they include some strong verbs and descriptive language.

The 3 given words:     pear,   which,   angry


Max was in the middle of a dilemma, should he have the pear or the apple? Which one? Which one? he thought to himself. The juicy pear or the light green granny smith apple. He picked up the pear and threw it to the ground with anger. Then Max gracefully picked up the granny smith and took a bite.

“Yuck!” he screeched.

By Sophie


Far, far away on a dark planet called Humsburgle there was an angry witch, who was very hungry. She screamed at her servants in a thundering tone, “Which pear should I eat?” At last she picked a shiny purple one. She quickly gobbled it up. But guess what? She wasn’t satisfied, she wanted more.

By Holly


One day a very angry pear, with legs and arms, jumped into his big 25761 starship and went to a war. The battle was the chocolate muffins, which were the bad guys, against the pears who were the good guys. Mr Pear blasted his rapid-fire corncob canon and then he found a strange golden object. He touched it and whoosh … he had won. The morale of the story is that he had time travelled and the time travel machine was made by The Tasty Pear Company.

By Joseph


Such a lovely sunny day in Sunnydale, in which birds were chirping, crickets were … Gnahh!! Along came a huge, hungry, angry pear harvester to make the trees face their doom. Outstretched, the mechanical arms daintily shook the tree, letting the pears bounce energetically off a trampoline and into the giant container in the back. So much for peace and quiet!

By Lily

Room 4
05 July 2013

‘I Am’ Pictures


Some of the senior classes created ‘I Am’ pictures, inspired by the New Zealand artist, Nigel Brown. The students used pastels or paint to produce their pictures.


P1020914 P1020913  P1020917 P1020915









P1020930 P1020918




P1020924 P1020926 P1020929


Kelp Bath
01 April 2013

Splash! I’d hit the water... I was bobbing gently up and down waiting for a swell. Finally the swell came and I got dragged through into the kelp bath. I reached out and gripped one of the slimy bits of seaweed that made up the swishing kelp bath.


I clung on for my life, (well I thought it was for my life!) through a few swells but then when the instructor called out “Time to get out.” I let myself be washed out of the channel and into the bay. I swam to the edge and clambered out on to the rocks. When I stood up I saw that the sea was like a mirror that had been melted and set in a breeze, nothing like the sea I had been in. You can’t beat a kelp bath!


By Sam 


Descriptive Writing by Room 1
17 May 2013

Room 1 has written quick writes about settings using a variety of photos.  They worked on using words that  would allow the reader to see the picture in their mind.  After sharing ideas they were allowed to 'steal' ideas from other students.  Here is a selection of the writing.


Layers of vibrant green echo through the tunnel to the sounds of unseen birds on the tips of the trees.  It feels untouched, but you know it is because of the old rusted tracks. As the soft wind whistles quietly through the thin, tall trees you can sit down and relax.

By Louis


A hobbit hole in the forest with vibrant, green leaves melting to the ground.  The unseen bird flies around. Under all of the green there is a mossy rail track, hidden and not seen!

By Petra




A field of daffodils hidden by the stream of blue lavendar, tall tree tops disappearing high in the sky.  A peaceful meadow waiting to be found.  Flower heaven for bees all around.  Green surrounds the cotton candy river, deadly silence over the flooding forest of colours.

By Holly O

A rickety old tree house sheltered by the trees.  Walls of greenery hide the sky.  A flood of flowers covers the forest floor.  Paths of vibrant lavendar lead you through the forest, with banks of greenery and clouds of daffodils scattered around.  The stick figure trees sway from side to side in the gusty wind, while a lonely white flower hangs around in the bed of green.

By Caroline



A miserable, cracked sky polluted by rainclouds hung sadly over the tranquil stone brick village.  A pathway lined with endless patterns of uneven stones dammed the remote ocean of hills; covered in a blanket of green.  Trees were painted with a ripe broccoli green. Sparrows sang out in chorus, tuned into harmony by the swishing and swaying of the low breeze.

By Theo

The ancient stone was crumbling like a biscuit, swirling, twisting and creeping its way down to the gloomy abandoned castle.  The ancient walls were dominating the lonely but captive forest.  The bundles of lush green forest are like dry broccoli!  Imagine the ancient armour and sacred statues that lie beneath that very door.  You can hear sweet and innocent chirps that squeak out from the far away hillside.  Stormy grey clouds form as a verandah shading the castle's secrets.

By Alex


A stairway to Neptune's palace.  The aqua water glistens in the sunlight. The boathouses shine in the golden sunset. As the waves pull the tide in, the marshmallow-like clouds slowly get darker and the sun goes down like a golden apple.

By Joseph A

A long, wooden hand, over pearly blue water is connecting seven neat houses supported by stilts that are encrusted with barnacles and mussels.  Only one dark cloud lingers in the yellow, pink and blue sky.  The still, silver water looks cold and icy under the golden sunset.  Littered with pink wispy clouds, the sky matches the colour of the sea.



01 April 2013

“Can I do this?” I thought to myself, “It looks cold." “Ready, set, jump!” yelled the instructor. “SPLASH.” The water wrapped around me and rippled as I lightly floated back up to the surface. I paddled back to my kayak that floated away slowly. The water was salty like chips and cold like Antarctica. I trembled and clung onto my kayak but I lost my balance and ... SPLAT! I was out of my kayak in a flash. So this time I used a different technique and it was much more successful than the first. Paddling like crazy we got to shore in seconds, not wanting to get cold. I tipped and picked up my kayak on shore. I’ll definitely kayak again in my lifetime. It was one of my favourite activities on Wainui Camp 2013!


By Lucy M