Senior School Blog

The Live Storm

I’m awake,my eyes are open. Tilting my head I let out a mighty roar. The sky rumbles , it is my time now. Lighting cracks through my wings as I dive down and race through the trees.   They crash at the sight of my red eyes and spiked wings . Once I’ve streamed  past them, they’re set on fire and the flames lick the sky and leave a slick and fast trail behind me. Disaster throughout the land. Smashing through a window, I make the nightmares begin throughout the house. Flicking  up and through the ceiling and roof, I’m free.  Sucking in, I stretch out my wings and then... I let go. Flames, lighting, thunder caps and rain came out. Finally I stop. Opening my eyes, I look below. Wood, bricks, beds, books and metal all down there. Everything you would have in a house,  was down there, aflame. I looked around, satisfied.  I’d burnt everything in my path.  But then, I saw it. The sun was coming  up. I’d have to run, but I knew, I would be back.
Room 8