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Room 2 Report Wrting

Report Writing

In Room 2 we have been researching topics we find interesting to help us write information reports. Here is an example of some of the work we have been doing!


The Solar System

By Eva

Our Solar System started when our Sun was born in a vast cloud of gas and dust around 5 billion years ago. While our Sun was forming the left over dust and gas made nine main planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and last of all Pluto.

As well as our nine planets nearly every one of them has some moons. The planet that hosts the biggest number of moons is Jupiter with at least 62! The closest planet to the Sun is a massive 57 million km away from the Sun, but when you think about the Universe that distance is tiny. Even little Pluto is 5.869 billion km away, but that distance is mini too.

Our Solar System is located near the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, which is one in 100 billion galaxies in the Universe! And you never know out in space there may be hundreds of Universes. The Universe began with a Big Bang over 13 billion years ago and over those years many solar systems have been made.

Our Sun provides light and heat for our planet. The surface temperature on Pluto is around -200 degrees celsius because it is very far away from the Sun’s heat. When Venus, the hottest planet in our Solar System has the surface temperature which is hotter than a furnace!

Maybe one day you could be able to travel to a few of these amazing planets and their moons.



The senior school have been learning dances in their classes with our dance teacher Mandy to present at the end of this term! We have some pretty smooth moves in the senior school! Watch this space!






Room 2 made their classroom into a real life refugee camp to finish of our topic on refugees. Students were given minimal materials to build a shelter for their cooperative learning group of 5 people that would be able to house them all and their belongings!