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Seniors' Barn Dance 2014
12 December 2014

The annual Barn Dance for the senior school has  become a bit of a tradition at Paparoa Street School with everyone embracing the theme and having alot of fun while learning some new skills! 


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Antarctic Centre Visits
03 September 2014

In the senior school we have been looking at the sustainability of Antarctica. Over the past two weeks all of our senior classes have visited the Antarctic Centre to learn more about life in Antarctica. We have learnt some interesting facts, had an awesome time and come up with some new wonderings from our experiences at the Antarctic Centre.


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Successful People Room 8
15 May 2014

This term we have been working on how to be successful. We wrote letters asking people, that we thought were successful, to come into the classroom and to share their knowledge.  The five successful people that came into the classroom were Joe, Ginny, Robbie, Debbie and Craig. Joe is a fire station officer and he also owns his own drain cleaning company called Drain Surgeons.  Ginny owns a company in London looking after the needs of very rich people.  This meant she had lots of funny stories.  Robbie is an awesome teacher and also a great rugby coach.  Debbie is an artist and she brought along some of her artwork for us to look at.  Craig has his own building company. They came to talk to us about being successful. They said why they are successful and what it means to be successful. This is what they said we have to do to be successful: 

Be kind
Meet new people
Respect others
Set and achieve goals
Believe in your self
Team work
Enjoy what you do
Have fun
Never give up
Work hard
Learn and then teach others
Be determined
Have self confidence
Take opportunities
Revise what you have learnt
Learn from your mistakes
Mistakes =Learning experience

If we do these things, we will be successful.

Freyja  and Isabella

Heroes and Good Sorts Room 6
12 June 2014

Last term the Senior Syndicate looked at heroes, are they born or made? After learning about different types of heroes and good sorts, Room 6 decided to put on a bake sale for the seniors to raise money for 'Dogwatch', a charity that saves unwanted dogs in Christchurch. In late May we held our bake sale and made $217.20! We were so happy with how much we raised and so were Dogwatch! They came out to see us in week 6 to collect the cheque and educate us on how important it is to care for your animals and have them desexed. We also got to meet a furry cutie called Cleo who at first was a bit scared of us all but after a few cuddles was lapping up the attention!
Pam from dogwatch told us the money would go towards having a dog desexed and pay for vaccinations which made us feel really good! Now we know what good sorts feel like!








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Moments In Time Room 1
07 May 2014

Room 1 have been writing Moments in Time to share their camp experiences.


Mission Impossible

When we listened to the instructions I wondered which activity I would do first! Then I told my group after the instructions were finished they agreed so off we went. In my group were Harriet from Rm 1, Scarlet from Rm 2 and myself. We were called the Big Feet because Harriet and Scarlet both had size 6 shoes and I had size 8 and a half. The activity we choose was THE TYRE TEASER! It was SO HARD...

It was so hard because it took like 5-10 minutes to finish it! In the activity you had to get the tyres with the numbers 1-5 on them from the first cone to the last cone. But you were not allowed to put say 5 on 4 or 2 on 1 because 5 and 2 were the bigger numbers, so you could put 4 on 5 or 1 on 2 but not 5 on 4 or 2 on 1!

We nearly did all the activities but we just didn’t! At least we did the CRAZY WHEEL which was the hardest one! At the end Mrs Austen came around and gave us cookies and brownies for morning tea!

By Joshua



As I ran and tried to keep up with my team, I felt nervous, nervous because of beating the time, beating other teams and not finding all the markers. Guess what?? My team found all of them!! As we were running I felt sweat dripping off my hair and start running down my neck, even though it was a yuk day, we still got pretty hot because my group ran all the way.

To find the markers you had to have a sharp eye, if you didn’t you wouldn’t find them. Also if you split up for more than 2 metres from your team you lost all your points!!. If you got the code wrong you didn’t get the points that it gave you. It was really tricky to stay with your team because there were some team mates who wanted to run all the way and there were some who just wanted to walk because they were really tired. But my group found something out, when we put the slowest person in the front we all had to go the same pace.

by Jonty


The Crazy Tree Climb

“Can Zach go be-layer for me?”


“Zach I’m trying to go to the top of the tree ok?”

“Ok! Hamish.”

“3-C-2 squeeze and a helmet please, Yo! Rod,” yelled the three be-layers.

“All good, you can now climb.”

“Thanks Rod”. So I went up the tree. It was so hard because it was so COLD!!!!!!!! My fingers were numb so it was really hard. Oh no there are no more blocks of wood on the tree. I will have to use the branches on the tree. I can see the bell.20 more branches to go.

“I don’t think I can make it,” I yelled at Zach.

“You can do it, just keep going Hamish,” Zach yelled back at me.

“Ok!” I yelled back at him.

Up, up, up I went slowly. Ding, ding, ding went the bell when I had reached the top. “Bananas!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“Hamish, stand out on the tree,” Rod yelled at me.

“Ok” I yelled back at him.

“Wooooooow!” I screamed as I basically fell out of the tree.

“You ok up there?” yelled Rod.

“Yep!” I yelled back at him.

“You’re coming down now,” he yelled at me.

“Ok!” I yelled. Finally I hit the ground.

“Nice work up there,” said Zach.

“Yey I know!”

by Hamish


Ballistic Belaying.

“3 Cs 2 squeeze and a helmet please, YO NICK!!!”

sang my group and I.

“Ok guys,... you’re ready to go!”

I was nervous, my body was trembling!! I took my first step then two, three, four, five...Yay!! I think to myself, I reached out for the tree grip and clasped hold of it. My belayers pulled the slack away adding tension to the rope. I hauled myself up to the next grip, then spidered up to the next. I try not to look down, my nerves were building! One more, I think to myself, just one more!

“You can say bananas,” says my group

“I know,” I exclaimed. My brain is telling me to do it, but my body is saying not to.

“OK,” I say to my group. “I am going to take a leap of faith and jump for the next hold.”

“Ok but be careful!”

“One, two, three LEAP!!”


And I think that is enough climbing for today!! “BANANAS!!” I yell and my belayers let me down steadily. When my feet touch the ground they felt like jelly. After that I hobbled back to my bunkroom and got ready for lunch! Mmmm!!

By Isabella