ANZA Challenge 2013
14 November 2013



On the 17th October we had 17 children join in the ANZA run to raise funds and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Halberg Disability Awards.

This was a 1300km race around New Zealand involving two celebrity teams representing New Zealand and Australia.

Our group of children assembled at Christ College and ran through Hagley Park with them.

There were lots of sports people there from Australia and New Zealand who were really enjoying this challenge and were fabulous with the children.

Everyone had a fantastic time on what as a beautiful Christchurch morning.










Jump Jam 2013
07 November 2013

With just over one week to go, the girls are very excited about representing Paparoa Street School in the Jump Jam National Finals competition in Auckland next weekend.  The competition heats up as the top three teams from the South Island and the top three teams from the North Island compete for the title of National Champions. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our school community and the PTA for all the support you have given during our massive fundraising drive for the trip during the past four weeks.  With such a short turn around between the Regional and National competitions it has been a busy time get together the funds needed.Last night at the Music Celebration Evening the winners for the raffle prizes were drawn.  The winners were:
Grocery baskets - Betsy Ryan, Bridget, Murray Dickson
Beer pack - Mark O'Leary
Camelot Court package - Carrie GeorgeFinally, thank you to the senior Jump Jam teams parents and families who have contributed their time and more with the fundraising, supporting the girls and helping make this such a positive and exciting journey for the team.Tania Soal and Jen Laird

Native Tree Planting
06 August 2013

The four native trees that our ‘Houses’ are named after , the totara, rata, kahikatea and kowhai, were planted recently by our 'House Leaders'.  These trees were kindly sourced by Les and Dawn Meikle.  So take a few minutes to see them over at the back of the playground. We hope they grow and are valued to become a significant feature in our school grounds over time.
















Chess Club
20 August 2013

Interschool Chess Tournament

Three chess teams, one A grade and two B grade, represented Paparoa Street School at the Zone section of the Interschool tournament.

Throughout the day they each player played five games. Our students, ranging from years 3 to 6, performed exceptionally well.

Our A team achieved 3rd place, one B team achieved 4th place and our second B team won their grade.

Congratulations to all players – Well played.

Thanks to our coach Mr Dobson.



Cultural Day
18 April 2013

The following article and photos featured in this week's edition of the Nor'west News.

Pupils at Paparoa Street School celebrated the cultures that make up its “school family” last week during their Cultural Day, held every two years. Children dressed up in clothing representative of the culture they relate to and parents and volunteers from different cultures cooked their signature dishes.
Deputy principal Gillian Smith said it was enjoyable seeing the children’s reactions as they tried food they were not used to. The morning began with a parade of nations to their National Anthems and ended with cultural groups performing for the pupils.
Photos: Jessica Schaap


cultural Day 1 Cultural Day 2 Culutral Day 3 Culutral Day 4 Culutral Day 5Culutral Day 7  Culutral Day 6Culutral Day A    Culutral Day 9  Culutral Day C  Culutral Day 8