Environmental Initiatives
16 September 2014

Paparoa Street School Environmental Initiatives

As part of our move towards creating an environmental club within the school we will be focussing on a number of initiatives for the rest of the year that will consolidate some of the movements already established. One of

these will be a fresh kick start to ‘Nood’ food within the school. A small group of children have been working on a play, focussed on the concept and rationale behind ‘Nood’ food. The children will be presenting this to the school. To follow this up each week in the school newsletter there will be a ‘Nood’ food goal that the children will be working towards. Each classroom teacher will track children's participation in this and once children have reached all 10 goals they will be awarded a special Environmental Certificate that will be presented by Mrs Saunders. It would be wonderful if you could get behind this movement as it not only benefits the school environment, with less rubbish, but also promotes healthy eating and establishes great life skills.

We would also love to hear from you if being involved in the startup of an environmental group within the school would interest you. Please email
kate_walcott@hotmail.com or wakefield@paparoastreetschool.co.nz

Thank you for your support and remember to keep an eye out in the newsletter for the weekly ‘Nood’ food goal, or click here.
Kind regards,
Kate Walcott

Spirit Of Polynesia
07 April 2014

We have welcomed Tony Mason from Australia to our school this week and he has been working with every class across the school sharing his wealth of knowledge of Polynesian music and dance. His goal is to have every year group present and share their learning with the other students. It is a huge commitment and he is building the children’s confidence to try new things and to work together, so a lot of our key competencies around self-management, relating to and respecting others, contributing and participating are being incorporated into the sessions.


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Relay For Life
31 March 2014

Paparoa Pacers – why we were part of ‘Relay for Life’
The staff at Paparoa Street School decided to be part of the Relay for Life to pull together as a team, to recognise and support everyone in our very treasured school community who has faced, or is currently facing, cancer. This year it is particularly poignant as in the last 12 months we have had a student, a parent and two staff members diagnosed and we want them to know that they are surrounded by our love and support and that we admire their courage and determination. We also are reflecting on others we have known with cancer, including very loved partners, parents and children. Our hearts go out to all of them for it is a journey that requires love and friendship.














ESOL Trip to Corsair Bay
07 April 2014

Our ESOL children recently enjoyed a day out to Corsair Bay. Our fabulous new foyer display is a colourful report of their activities...


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Tabloids 2014
20 February 2014

It was this time last year that we re-launched our ‘Houses’ with Rata, Kahikatea, Totara and Kowhai. On Friday we had our ‘House Day’ with the choirs and tabloids and it was wonderful to see all the children representing their Houses with real spirit, supporting each other and the older children stepping up to lead and encourage the younger children.