Boys' Reading Group
05 July 2017

Today the Boys' reading group were treated to a visit By Ciaran, a firefighter who talked of his love of reading and also read to the group.



Boys reading

Amazing Art Work
13 June 2017


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The Environmental Club
15 December 2015

The Environmental Club  have  been very  busy this term, growing and selling vegetables  to the school community and have even planted a fabulous fruit orchard alongside the school hall.

They are a very dedicated team lead by Kate  Walcott and have even had to organise a watering roster for the holidays. 



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The Arts
11 May 2016

Heart for Art

The Arts has been at the heart of the Paparoa Street School whanau, with a variety of different activities occurring throughout our school week.


The week started with a supersized heart drawn with chalk on the concrete. Children spent the next two days finding a spot to colour-in. Three artists spent time during the day showcasing their talents to our children. Sarah Cummins used chalk pastels to create eucalyptus bark outside the library, Michelle Manchester started her art work showcasing dolphins while Rachel Cooper spent time painting part of our school playground.


Erin Hitchens entertained and encouraged many of our children to join her in dance routines by the hall during two of our morning teas.


Santiago Samonta, an itinerant teacher, was a popular entertainer with his guitar on Tuesday with many of the staff deciding they could listen to him every day. Two pianists, Emmajane, and Genevieve Radley, another itinerant teacher, had quite a crowd of children mesmorised by the fingers flying over the keys. Al played his drums with many willing helpers showing how it should be done! Sean Whitaker strummed his banjo allowing children to have a go too. Laura Auld’s flute music floated around parts of the senior and junior school, as once again children were enraptured.


Emily Douglas calmly walked amongst the playground hustle and bustle, taking photos of the children at play.

This has been a week of little surprises for the children as they have walked around, seeking out the musicians, dancers, and artists.
Now it is their turn to put their heart into the arts as we continue our Term Two focus on The Arts. 

























House Games 2015
26 November 2015

We  couldn't have asked for a better day for our House Games, a well deserved fun day for all.