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Middle School Book Week

We are living the dream over in the Middle School at the moment with so many students promoting Book Week and how much they love reading. We had parents come into classes and read, teachers change rooms each day and read to them and an amazing display of characters and their books last Thursday.

The Year 4 students had the pleasure of Mr King, Henry King's dad, come to speak to them about what it's like to be a journalist. The learning they gained from it was remarkable and their articles on the visit are  a true representation of what he spoke about.

Mr Eames is a bit of a hero in the Middle School as he is the driving force behind Boys and Books here at school. His displays in the library are not to be missed and we encourage you all to pop in and have a look at the books he recommends for boys to read.

Here are a few snap shots from the individual classes from Book Week - see who you can spot!

Room 22's Danny The Champion of The World - Dust covers









Room 22



Room 27



Room 24 and their famous characters



Room 23


Room 25




Room 25




       Plays in the hall for our Book Week Shared Assembly