Middle School Blog

What's Happening in Term 2

What a wonderful start to the year for us all. All of the teachers are loving how all the students have come back after the holidays and know their class routines and are so motivated to learn.

We have been slowly introducing new equipment into PE shed and it has been amazing to see so many students making new games to play with their friends. One hot item is the Hoola Hoops. There are some very talented Hoola Hoopers in the Middle Team - look out New Zealand's Got Talent in a few years! Also Mrs A has organised two new outside activities – Genga and Connect 4 for students to enjoy.

The Year 3 teachers and care takers have cleared a site outside classes 26, 25 and 27 in preparation for their Enchanted Garden. They have had lots of donations of potting mix, seeds, wood and even a bath tub so watch this space.

The annual Art Workshop was great and students were very proud of their New Zealand Native Bird sketch.

During Writing time each class has been studying Newspapers. We have never seen such great interest and motivation from the students to locate, search and write articles.