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01 March 2017


Welcome to the Middle School
23 April 2015


The Middle School is made up of 8 Year 3 and 4 composite classes.  We work in a mixture of single cell and modern learning environments.

The Middle School has had an excellent start to 2016. All teachers report their classes to be happy and settled. There are lots of exciting learning opportunities happening this year and we look forward to sharing those with you as the year goes on.

Please view our learning via our class blogs: 

Room 20/21  Tima Tuhura

Room 22/23 Timo Paheko

Room 24

Room 25/26 Tima Tira



Middle School Update Term 4
07 November 2013

Salmon Update…

Over the last few months Room 23 have been busy maintaining their Salmon farm. They have collected eggs, watched the salmon hatch and helped their fish grow. They are now big enough to continue on their next adventure and will be released into the water at The Groynes.

Garden Growth…

The Year 3 garden is budding away! We have seen the arrival of gorgeous spring bulbs and we are carefully monitoring the progress of our vegetables. We have been busy weeding and planning what to plant next.




Amazing Athletics…

Another fantastic athletics day! Great determination, passion and perseverance was shown by all athletes. Participation levels were at an all time high and many of the events were closely contested. Congratulations to all the class relay teams and to Room 22 and Room 27 for taking out the 2013 titles. The highlight of the day: Wonderful sportsmanship and relating to others shown by all middle school children!



middle 4


Exciting times ahead for all of the middle school students!

The year 4’s are preparing to go on their first ever school camp at Living Springs. They have been super busy learning about the wildlife they might see on their journey. The year 3’s are gearing up for the famous EOTC week! This year we are looking forward to extending our learning about our garden and recycling.

Performing Arts

The Music Celebration evening once again proved to be a popular hit with the school community. The middle school students featured heavily with performances by the Syndicate Choir, Itinerant Musicians, Junior Jump Jam team, and the very talented Orchestra! The children have shown great commitment throughout the year and should be very proud of their contribution to the school.

Fun with Art…

Pastel Aztec Suns

We used our drawing skills to design our own sun using the Aztec Sun Stone as an inspiration. We then added colour with oil pastel by choosing light and dark towns and blending them for effect. We thought carefully about what colour mount to use and discussed why we had made our choice.















We continued to extend our drawing skills and explored the concept of scale when planning our owls. We then finished them off with a range of bright water colours and made them pop off the page with a vivid outline.  











Book Week 2014
24 August 2014

Middle School celebrated Book Week recently.  We held a character dress up day, shared our favourite books, enjoyed  stories from the staff in the Middle School and had a treasure book hunt.  The highlight for many during the week was the Boys Books Breakfast arranged by Mr Eames.

Lots of readers brought along their family to eat breakfast and share their journey with books.  The week culminated with a Whole School Assembly which had a Roald Dahl theme!



News From the Middle Syndicate
04 September 2013

Science – The Year 3's students have been investigating the Water cycle. They have performed many interesting experiments, some of which you can see hanging from the windows and walls. The students are loving the hands on learning experiments and time to discuss their scientific thoughts and ideas.

Year 4 students have centered their learning around the reasons and properties of floating and sinking. Water has been splashed around the classroom to gain an understanding of weight dispersal, water density, shape and the trapping of air. Amazing discussions and write up of what they predict will happen and what the final outcome was.

Paparoa Street Scooter Highway has been a great hit! Our day is on Tuesday and students are encouraged to bring along their scooter and scoot up and down the pathway along the back of the field. Students have been careful, responsible and follow the pathway rules well and we as teachers have loved seeing different groups of students out enjoying themselves.

Kelly sports has been running a 5 week programme with the Year 3 students this term. It has been a wonderful insight into their P.E programme that the school has just purchased. It is based around developing transferable skills from one game to another. The instructors were effective in their delivery and encouraging towards student achievement.

Mainland football has just concluded a 5 week Soccer programme for both Year 3 and 4 students. The programme was on fitness, control and skills and playing a game. All students enjoyed the professionalism of the coaches and the support they game to their individual performance.

The Year 3's are looking at getting back into their Enchanted Garden soon, weather dependent, to start more planting and designing. Please feel free to pop-in behind rooms 27, 26 and 25 to have a look or get one of the many enthusiastic students to explain what it going to be happening.

As you might know we have a large amount of students attending the middle school choir this year. They performed in assembly last week and sounded amazing! Congratulations to all those students who have given their time to attend practices, you sounded amazing!