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Junior Athletics 2015
29 April 2015




Year 1 Discovery Time
01 April 2014

Children from Room 20 and Year 1 classes have been working hard on the vege gardens at Discovery Time.  They even sold some of the veges to teachers and parents at the end of the day! Check out this amazing team work…











Room 15
24 June 2013

Room 15 have been learning about Alliteration at Reading Time. Check out these amazing creatures from one of our favourite alliteration books 'Fidgety Fish'.


Maia  Max      



Room 15 Numicon
24 June 2013

How many tens?
We had fun making two digit numbers with Numicon...


Rm151 Rm152 Rm153 Rm154

Rm155 Rm156


Junior Team Parent Literacy Evening
27 May 2013

On Wednesday 22nd of May parents of those children in the Junior School were invited to attend a workshop on the developmental stages of reading.
The junior team covered a range of stages and aspects of reading.
We shared practical tips for parents of how they could help their child at home with their reading.
We were delighted with the turn out and the very positive feedback that we received from so many after the evening.
We value sharing our literacy knowledge and skills with our school community.
Thank you to those parents who attended.





Display  showing examples of early reading resources       





Practical handouts to help at home





Comprehension display





Reading games are valued in our reading programme





Poetry as part of a reading programme




Library books are an important resource for our reading programme




Reading to learn Mini Units