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Discovery Learning Year 1 Team
01 May 2013

-Discovery Learning Time Term One Overview Year One Team-

The purpose of this newsletter is to celebrate and update you on the wonderful and exciting learning that takes place in our year one team every Wednesday morning from 9-10.30!...

Discovery Learning Term 1 Year 1


Frog Habitats Room 20 Year 1
09 April 2013

We have been watching the changes from tadpoles to frogs. We have nurtured the frogletts and it is almost time to release them into their natural environment. We have been researching what a frogs natural habitat is. Do you know what frogs need to survive?

Frogs need a pond. It needs to be damp. It needs rocks too and lilly pad's and clear water and flies. Lucy

Our frogs need lots of flies and some water to stay alive. They also need rocks and lilly pads and flowers to sleep in. They also need lots of weed and they need lots of insects as well as flies. Clare

We have frogs in Room 20. We are going to release them. Two frogs went on holiday around the class. We found them. Frogs need water because they cant live (without it)! Frogs need rocks and flies to eat. Zofia

We need water for our frogs. And lots of insects and a damp place. Frogs need dirt too! And lilly pads and fresh water! What else do frogs need? - Rocks! Tahlia

Frogs need a damp place to live. They need a pool to swim in. They need some rocks to play on. They need flies to stay alive. What else do frogs need? Lucy

A frog needs flies and some water. A frog needs a damp place to stay alive. A frogs needs weeds to camouflage and they need lots of love! Caitlin

Discovery Reflection Journals
25 March 2013


Today I made a ladybird. First I made the body. I used a cracker and I spread the stuff on. Next I put the tomatoes on. After that I put the food colouring for the spots. I felt good because it was fun!

Caitlin Blair


Today at discovery time I went to Room 20 to see what Mrs Keith was doing. She had some magnifying glasses to play with. We went to explore with them. We looked at lots of different things.

Zofia Attewell


At discovery I went in to Room 21. I made a rainbow. After that I made a poi with newspaper. Then I explored with Mrs Keith. I did the bubbles. They looked bumpy. I played with the goo, it is very sticky. It has soap in it.

Lucy Townend


Today I learnt that the goo was made out of soap and water. It felt like marshmellows. I made a cake with Caitlin with the goo.

Emma Marshall

Pink and Sparkly
02 April 2013

Room 13 held a cake stall on Thursday 28 March to raise money to buy Maddy Nicol a pillow pet to cuddle with her recovery.  Some senior children said that they didn't need the baking and just gave them money.  AMAZING!  A big thanks to their awesome buddy class who helped them out.  It was a hugely successful cake stall raising $427.60 for Maddy.  

The whole school also held a mufti day to support the family, with over $4500 being raised.  All the children in the Junior Syndicate joined together to make a huge heart for Maddy.





Some Amazing Artwork
20 March 2013

These amazing Fantails were drawn by 5 year olds following our trip to the reserve.

fantail 1 fantail 2 fantail 3