Paparoa Street School, Christchurch, New Zealand welcomes international students

International students

Paparoa Street School welcomes international students





Paparoa Street School is in Christchurch, New Zealand. We welcome international students and offer these students and their parents many opportunities to become involved in school life.

Our school is a Primary school for Years 1 to 6, which means it caters for children aged 5 years old through to 11 years old.

Our school is situated in Papanui, a popular area of northwest Christchurch, which has quiet, tree lined residential streets, and a variety of facilities nearby. Our attractive school is set in large grounds with well maintained modern facilities. We pride ourselves on quality teaching and learning and offer children a wide range of learning opportunities.

If you are considering emigration to live in New Zealand, or if you are moving to Christchurch with your family to work and are trying to decide where your children should go to school, please contact us, we are always happy to help with information or arrange a school visit. We'd love to meet you!

About our school

Paparoa Street School has between 500 and 580 students. All international students are fully included in regular classes.

We offer a wide range of additional learning opportunities including choirs, orchestra, cultural activities, kapa haka and various sports teams and sporting opportunities.

International students are guaranteed additional English classes and pastoral support to ensure they settle quickly and confidently in to their New Zealand school experience.

Parents are welcome to visit the school and get involved in school activities. There are regular morning teas for parents to share with them events that are coming up and to inform them about their child’s education.

The education we offer

We offer Primary Education – which means we follow the NZ curriculum.

Additional English classes are offered to all international students to ensure they can speak and write English accurately and these are included in the fees.

In addition to our core curriculum, we are proud of our music and drama programme and one on one music lessons are available at an additional cost.

From Year 3 our students enjoy education outside the classroom on field trips, where our students learn outdoor skills and take part in exciting outdoor activities in the beautiful setting of the South Island of New Zealand.

All our older children participate in sports both summer and winter and we are happy to offer a wide range of sporting activities, including the opportunity to play competitively in a team.

Class sizes

Junior classes each have approximately 18 to 25 students. Senior classes have approximately 25 to 30 students.

Paparoa Street School Facilities

Our teaching spaces are in modern buildings set in large attractive grounds. Classrooms are modern and well equipped. The junior classroom block has recently been extended and modernised. We have a new information technology centre, and a large school hall designed for versatility, which can be used for assemblies, school productions, concerts, meeting and sporting activities. To find out more about our facilities click here.

Fees for International students

Schedule of fees can be found here

Currently we are only accepting students for a minimum of one term (10 weeks)

More information for international students

We welcome enquires and visits from parents considering sending their child to our school. If you would like to know more about studying in New Zealand at Paparoa Street School, please contact Nathan Burford - Deputy  Principal and Co-ordinator of International Students on his-mail:

Prospectus For International Students

Tuition Agreement

Dispute Resolution Scheme For International Students

For detailed information on enrolling with us as an international student click here.