Dewey & Paige are the Paparoa Street School Mascots

Paparoa Street School local enrolments

The Paparoa Street School enrolment scheme has been approved by the Ministry of Education. The scheme is as follows:

Part 1 - Home zone

Children permanently residing at a street address within the boundary defined by the following streets - Innes Road, Cranford Street, Main North Road, Papanui Road - are entitled to enrol at Paparoa Street School. Those living at a postal address on either side of these roads are entitled to enrol.

Part 2 - Out-of-zone enrolments

Enrolment of children who live outside the above geographic zone is governed by the requirements of Section 11F of the Education Act 1989, and instructions issued by the Secretary of Education under Section 11F of the Education Act 1989.

The number of places will be determined by the Principal on the basis of current and projected class numbers and school roll. A ballot may be conducted each term for children outside the zone, who are due to start school the following term.

NB if you have moved out of zone since your child enrolled whilst in zone, and have subsequent children who wish to enrol with us, you will need to apply formally for those children to enter via the out of zone sibling ballot. 

All enquiries about out of zone enrolments should be sent to