Paparoa Street School pupils develop positive self-esteem through building on success

Donations and activity fees


The school charges a per pupil donation which is currently set at $190, to a maximum of $380 per family. The donation is reviewed annually and is indexed to the cost of inflation.

All schools receive operational funding from the Ministry, but Decile 10 schools are funded at the lowest end of the Ministry’s 10 point scale. We really rely on these donations each year, and appreciate the support we receive from our families.

Student activities

Activity fees are invoiced each term for the actual costs of optional equipment, experiences, and services which are extra to the school’s curriculum obligations. It also goes towards curriculum based activities which involve a “take home” component for the student to keep.

Parents receive an activities invoice at the beginning of each term for costs relating to transport and entry fees, performance fees, etc.

If parents are having difficulty with meeting the cost of these activities, they are invited to contact the principal. No Paparoa Street School child misses out on anything because of an inability to pay.