Paparoa Street School offers children the opportunity to play team sports

Sport at Paparoa Street School


Code of Conduct for Coaches

Code of Conduct for Parents

Code of Conduct for Students


The Sports Policy at Paparoa Street School

At this time of year many of the Year 5-6 children are excited about getting into one of the competitive sports teams on offer at Paparoa Street School.

Sports coaches organise trials to select teams for the forthcoming interschool competitions that occur on Friday afternoons. The school endeavours to provide opportunities for all children wishing to be included in competitive sports teams; however, the number of teams on offer is determined by the number of coaches and managers available, and of course the entry restrictions and rules that apply to the various codes.

Paparoa Street School is fortunate to have a good number of enthusiastic staff and parents who are able to coach or manage teams and they are very visible out in the playing areas on most days during their break times. We need to value their contribution to sports and appreciate the fact that it is because of them that we can offer so much sport at this school.  For the Friday sports sessions the Year 5 & 6 children can participate at three levels.

Level 1: (A & B Grade Teams for all codes) Interschool competition for our top players who are entered into the Primary Sports Weekly Sports Competition. (Restricted entry conditions apply. Please note that only Year 5 & 6 children are permitted to compete and team entry will be determined by the coaches on the basis of the players’ ability and suitability for this high level competition).  Year 5/6 Selection - Year 6 children will be selected over a Year 5 child unless the Year 5’s skills and abilities are superior.

Level 2: (C Grade Teams) Friday games providing an introduction to games and competition against other schools. (Held at Fendalton School, Cobham Intermediate, Ilam and Burnside primary school grounds for Year 5 & 6 children)

Level 3: Friday “At School Sports Programme” for those Year 5 & 6 children who are not involved in the competitive aspect but enjoy the opportunity to participate in games and receive skills development. These games are played here at school.

Our sports teaching ethos

Helping children develop life skills is an essential part of teaching and learning at school. An important part of this education is to help children to appreciate and cope with the elements of competition. Some key understandings need to be nurtured and handled with care. Winning, losing, fair play, teamwork, selection and non-selection, along with developing respect for coaches and managers are important aspects of the learning process. Much of this learning comes from the role models they see through their coaches, managers, parents and the sports stars in our local and national teams.

Our leaders in these positions need always to be aware of the significant influence they can have in shaping our children’s values. Trials do bring a high level of interest and anticipation of selection. However, some children will be naturally disappointed if they do not make the team they first choose. For most, that disappointment is short term as they realise that there are other options available to them.

Team selectors are very mindful of the levels of readiness needed for children to be included in competitive sports teams. This readiness refers to skill level, attitude, team play, physical ability, commitment and most importantly the ability to handle set backs such as losing, stand downs and the demands needed to improve for the next game.

Coaches do not want to see children playing in grades they cannot cope with, and while they appreciate there will be disappointments from non-selection, it is far more important to consider the readiness levels and personal safety of those competing. Not everyone will make the top teams, but there are other team sports on offer that they could try for. It’s all about helping children develop understandings that in life there are options and choices available, and to expand their horizons to look further and beyond the popular choice. The popular choice will always be limited and non-selection is a reality we all have to adjust to in our daily lives from time to time.

There exists an excellent spirit for sporting activities at Paparoa Street School.  Our thanks to those who are making this happen.


Trial Process and Team Selection

      Notification through school newsletter and daily notices of up-coming options

      Meet with children to discuss trial process

      Skills sessions/work done prior to trials. It is useful to see each child’s skill level before entering into a ‘game’ format and assists in making the trials are fair

      Where possible, at least two adults will take the trial

      Game format trials. Where possible at least two trials will be held to select teams; the time allocation must allow for each student to get equal opportunity,

      Coaches will choose players who demonstrate the highest levels of skill and qualities of fair play and sportsmanship and best meet the objectives of the coach,

      If all guidelines are satisfied, the coach’s decision, in consultation with the Sports team, is final.

      Teams are posted on the Sports Notice Board or in another highly visible position located in the senior school


Player Responsibilities

      attend all meetings, trainings, games, and other activities as required

      notify the coach of any unavailability in participation

      remain committed to the teacher/coach for the duration of the season,

      abide by the rules of the sport at all times

      play with sportsmanship, with respect for other players coaches, parents and officials

      wear appropriate team uniform

      respect equipment and facilities

      pay for bus transportation and the school sports sub

      follow the Student’s Code of Conduct


      have a sound knowledge of the sport

      plan, implement, and facilitate team training sessions to develop individual/team skills,

      develop and encourage player enjoyment, player motivation and player fitness

      teach players to abide by the rules of the sport,

      develop and instill in the players positive attitudes towards fair play and sportsmanship,

      set high standards and promote the need for punctuality, discipline and commitment,

      appoint a responsible team member as team captain, and if applicable, vice captain.

      Follow the Coaches’ Code of Conduct

Player participation

Weekly Sport – Summer and Winter Codes

Children selected to play in a winter or summer school sports team are expected to play at least one half of each match or, should rolling subs be required, each child is expected to be involved in a reasonable amount of game time.

Zone and Central Tournaments

Coaches will select players based on ability and attitude in order to field their strongest team to compete. Reserves will be taken to the game but may not get an opportunity to play.

General participation

On a Friday we run a separate specialised sports programme for the senior children who don't leave school for sports. This way all children are expected to participate fully in a summer and winter sports programme.


Parents have an important role to play in the school sports programmes. You may contribute in a number of different ways:

     Encourage your child to trial for the various representative teams,

     Remind children to listen carefully for information concerning team selection processes,

     Remind children about taking appropriate sports equipment to school  (including  mouthguards),

     Assist with the transportation of children to sports events. In such cases all vehicles involved must have a current Warrant of Fitness and Vehicle Registration. The location of the sports event needs to be clearly understood, along with approximate departure and return times.

     Support their children when they experience the disappointment of non-selection. This may include looking at alternative teams to trial for or reminding their child that there will be chances to be selected for other  teams in the future.

     As with any school-related concerns, in the event of a significant issue arising, parents need to follow due process. This involves approaching the teacher/parent who is in charge of a team. Please ensure that such   conversations are dealt with in a constructive and respectful manner. Our coaches (including teachers) sacrifice a significant amount of their own personal time to actually take sports teams! If the issue is not resolved parents may seek further advice/clarification with the teacher in charge of sport. Following this, a parent may discuss a significant issue with a member of the school management team.

     While competing, parents are encouraged to support players in a positive and constructive manner.