Paparoa Street School offers learning support to pupils

Learning support

Learning Support is led by  Deputy Principal Nathan Burford,  and his team of trained teacher aides located in Room 18. Within our school setting, learning support supplements and supports children in their mainstream setting.

The range of needs addressed is broad and very dependent on the particular children attending at any particular time. We cater for those with identified special needs to those who would benefit from some additional remedial support to assist a specific learning area.

We use a wide array of assessment tools to identify learning needs and learning styles and then establish programmes to suit the individual's requirements. Programmes are designed to meet the child's needs and assist with their access to the NZ Curriculum, and can be in the form of individual, small group teaching, or directed assistance within the classroom.

A wide range of teaching strategies and techniques is applied as it is often a matter of finding the right key to motivate and assist the child with their learning links. We also liaise with outside agencies for additional assessment and support when appropriate. Parents are notified if their child would benefit from assistance and they are welcome to contact Nathan  and discuss their child's needs at any time.