The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets twice per term and meetings are advertised in the school newsletter.

The Board has the overall responsibility for the smooth running of the school (i.e. governance), although it delegates much of the day to day management of this to the Principal and staff. The main practical concerns of the Board are policy development and strategic planning, budgeting and administration of funds, appointment and employment of staff, maintenance and improvement of school buildings and grounds, and ensuring the health and safety of students, staff, parents and school visitors. These key areas are looked after by individuals who report to the full Board twice a term. The Board in turn reports to the school community and to the Ministry of Education on a regular basis.

Members of our school community are welcome to attend any Board meeting. Board members are elected by parents for a three year term.

Our current Board members are:


 Anna Fox 

Adela Brown

Shane Dixon

James Stewart

Dave Veronese


Pene Abbie

Staff Representative:

Dean Isherwood

All Board meetings are held in the Administration Office, starting at 6.00pm.

Board meetings for 2017:  27 February,  3 April,  21 May,  26 June,  14 August,  18 September,  6 November,  11 December