The new school hall at Paparoa Street School

Our school

Our happy and positive school environment

We consciously plan and syndicate school-wide activities to ensure we maintain our “family atmosphere”. We make the most of our teachers’ strengths, providing many extracurricular learning opportunities.

We are very fortunate to have children who are generally receptive to learning because their parents value education and fully support the staff. The children are well cared for and they, along with their families and a wonderfully hard working and committed staff, all contribute to our happy and positive school environment.

The staff here certainly is, as our school song suggests, “part of a team”. We are highly qualified, committed to on-going study and totally dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our family environment.

Within our school community we have a growing cultural diversity, which broadens the experiences of all our children. We have two teachers who lead school sports. A specialist teacher leads our orchestra.

Enrolment & the school’s roll

The school’s roll moves from the low 500’s at the start of the year to a peak roll of around 560 by December. There are usually around 26 home rooms operating, and class sizes vary, depending on the size of the various year groups, and our staffing entitlement. The total staff numbers around 50, and our support staff are skilled and experienced.

Meeting the diverse needs of our children

Over the years, we have noticed an increasing and diverse range of needs in our children. We employ a full time individual needs coordinator, who has a team of ten very experienced teacher aides, including one ESOL support person, who work with individuals and small groups of children to support and accommodate their needs, thereby strengthening our team and family spirit.

Children with individual abilities are also identified and tracked to ensure their needs are met. We believe in providing for enrichment needs primarily in the classroom, with some withdrawal when appropriate.