Children reading in the new library at Paparoa Street School

Our facilities

Our teaching spaces

We currently operate 24 classes, with at least three start-up new entrant rooms planned during the year. We are also fortunate to have our own school-owned block consisting of an individual needs room and ESOL space. Our school is fortunate in having a large multi-purpose hall with separate music and drama rooms and PE storage.

A magnificent school hall was built in 2003, and a new library and information centre was opened in 2008. Our school library enables children to use the information skills that they have been taught in the classroom, expand their horizons, fall in love with reading and books, visit worlds that they have never dreamed of, and supports the development of lifelong learning.

In 2010 the school refurbished the junior school building. Three new classrooms were built and this effectively opened up the backs of the existing rooms to create shared learning areas. These spaces have been wonderful additions to our teaching spaces.